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About CompareFEGLI.com


CompareFEGLI.com gives you the Lowest-Priced, Top-Rated (‘A’ or better), Term Life Insurance Companies to choose from so you can find the best life insurance options available for you.


Compare your FEGLI Option B savings and find out how much you could save with a policy from www.CompareFEGLI.com.


CompareFEGLI.com (CompareFEGLI, LLC) is the Number One resource for reducing your FEGLI Option B costs and making sure you are receiving the best advice from a local, knowledgeable, FEGLI expert.


We believe that you will get the best service and best insurance solutions by working with a company that understands your unique Federal and Postal Benefits.  CompareFEGLI recognizes that most Federal and Postal employees want to make this type of decision while working with a local FEGLI expert – not some 800# and a call center operator who may not even know what FEGLI stands for or how it works.


You already know that as you age your costs of FEGLI rise dramaticallyThat is why CompareFEGLI.com offers you access to local FEGLI and benefit experts who can help you make the best decisions about your life insurance.  They may even be able to answer other questions about your additional benefits, if you have them.


Your side-by-side analysis will show you the actual costs of FEGLI over the next 20 to 30 years and what you could be saving by selecting a policy through CompareFEGLI.com.


With the help of your CompareFEGLI calculations, you will have an easy to read answer in a simple to understand format that will clearly show which insurance is the cheapest along with a few other options that are available for you. 

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