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CompareFEGLI – Federal Employees Group Life Insurance – FEGLI Calculator

CompareFEGLI.com provides one of the simplest and easiest to understand FEGLI calculators available.  The importance of comparing your FEGLI coverage is the substantial rise in costs as you age.  In fact, for certain people if you were to lock in your federal life insurance (FEGLI rates) at a certain age, FEGLI can be over 2000% (two-thousand percent) more expensive if you still had FEGLI at age 70, compared to the life insurance rate you could have secured through CompareFEGLI.com.

The Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) is federal life insurance coverage for federal and postal employees and their families which is provided by MetLife Insurance Company. However, many federal employees aren’t even aware that they are buying their FEGLI coverage from MetLife.  Federal Employees who are eligible can get the Basic FEGLI coverage automatically and also sign up for additional (optional) coverage. They also have the option of waiving the FEGLI coverage if they desire.

Understanding the complicated technical jargon involved in the federal life insurance plans can prove to be very difficult. Without some background in how your federal employee life insurance works, and specifically how group life insurance policies (such as FEGLI) operate, there can be several unfortunate surprises. Oftentimes consumers benefit from advice and simplified data so that they can understand the basics of their federal life insurance coverage.

CompareFEGLI.com provides FEGLI users with a FEGLI calculator and many other resources so they can learn about the costs of their FEGLI and federal life insurance alternatives. And you can also learn about all the other details pertaining to your federal insurance company plan. The FEGLI calculator provided can result in federal employee life insurance data and information being provided in a very simple manner so everyone can understand how federal employee life insurance works.

Federal Employee Life Insurance Jargon

CompareFEGLI.com knows that it is hard to understand how your FEGLI rates are calculated. The calculations that CompareFEGLI offers you are needed in analyzing the FEGLI Rates that you pay for your federal employee life insurance – both today and into the future. That is why we have placed a handy tool on our website which can help you calculate your FEGLI rates and premium effortlessly, and give you a clear understanding of how expensive FEGLI really gets over time.

You can use the results you receive to compare your FEGLI with other federal life insurance companies. You can learn whether you are paying too much for the coverage or not. You will find many options where you can get better coverage for the money you are spending. And you can determine if you want to continue with your federal life insurance or move onto a better more affordable comparison.

FEGLI Alternatives – Finding the Right Federal Employee Life Insurance.

There are many other benefits provided to federal retirees and current employees and up until a certain age FEGLI is certainly attractive.  Finding the coverage on CompareFEGLI.com that best suits your needs is easy.  CompareFEGLI.com has no direct Federal Insurance Company affiliations.  We aren’t fixated on giving you only one or two companies to select from.  The CompareFEGLI tool simply finds the cheapest 3 – A-Rated or better – federal life insurance companies that are available in your state and for you, given the health information you’ve entered.  It is CompareFEGLI’s aim to simplify all the difficult-to-understand aspects of FEGLI and to help people find the best policy for them.  Period.

About CompareFEGLI.com

CompareFEGLI.com provides their customers with low-priced, A-Rated term life insurance companies to choose from. Using this website for comparison, consumer’s FEGLI Option B alternatives can be calculated and they can find out how much they can save with a policy from CompareFEGLI.com. This website is the number one resource for reducing FEGLI Option B costs and connecting with local FEGLI experts


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