How to Request FEGLI Eligibility Reconsideration

Overview of FEGLI Eligibility

When they are first hired, most federal and Postal Service employees are automatically enrolled in the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program. However, in the rare case that there is some confusion over your eligibility for federal life insurance and you are not enrolled, it may be incumbent on you to request reconsideration.FEGLI Eligibility

Like most anything where you are at odds with the federal government, this reconsideration process requires you to jump through a few hoops.

For starters, the reconsideration application must be submitted within 31 calendar days from the date of decision that resulted in not being enrolled. The application must be filed with your employing agency, at or above the level at which the initial decision was made. Only annuitants and compensationers seeking reconsideration may apply to OPM Retirement Services.

A reconsideration review will then be undertaken to decide if your employing office made the initial decision by federal law and regulations.

FEGLI Reconsideration Application Requirements 

Your application for FEGLI reconsideration must include the following information:

– Full name, date of birth and address of residence; and

– The reason why you think the initial decision was incorrect and should be reconsidered.

Once you submit this application, the reconsideration review will be undertaken and its findings will be provided to you in writing. This is the final step in this process, and there is no further administrative appeal after this. You can, of course, contest the matter in the courts if you want to file a lawsuit and seek a judicial review under section 8715, title5 of the United States Code.

Note that if you are subsequently enrolled into FEGLI with retroactive coverage as a result of the reconsideration review or a judicial review, then you will have to pay the premiums for the pay periods for which you were awarded retroactive coverage.

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