FEGLI Eligibility Requirements For Annuitants and Compensationers

FEGLI Eligibility

Former federal employees who are retired or receiving compensation payments may avail Fegli eligibility for continued FEGLI life insurance coverage under certain conditions.

If you are a federal retiree or compensationer, you may be eligible to continue being enrolled in the FEGLI program if you meet the following requirements:

  • If you are entitled to start receiving an immediate annuity through a retirement benefits system for civilian employees such as the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS);
  • You must have been enrolled in FEGLI at the date of retirement, and must have opted not to convert it into an individual policy; and
  • You must have been insured for at least the last five years of service immediately before the date at which your annuity starts. If your service was for less than five years, then you should have been insured for the entire period of service during which you were eligible to be insured.

Continue FEGLI Eligibility Coverage as an Annuitant or Compensationer 

Federal retirees and compensationer who want to continue their FEGLI coverage have to fill in form SF 2818 indicating their choices for continued life insurance coverage. You may download SF 2818 locally at your office, or request a paper copy from your employing agency’s HR office.

Note that life insurance rates and coverage amounts are different for federal employees and retirees. You can opt for reduced Basic and Optional coverage, or choose to continue the same coverage you had before retirement by paying additional premiums. See the new rates on the OPM website and/or use the FEGLI calculator to find out what kind of Basic and Optional coverage you can get and what Fegli rates you have to pay for it as an annuitant or compensationer.

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