FEGLI Verification of Life Insurance (VOLI)

FEGLI Verification of Life Insurance (VOLI)

Unlike individual life insurance purchased from private insurers, enrollees in the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program don’t get a bunch of documents or a file mailed to them in the post with all their policy details.

Federal employees often forget details about their FEGLI coverage and options. Annuitants, beneficiaries and compensationers may not even be aware of the coverage, or may have forgotten about it. This is where it’s helpful to be able to see and print a FEGLI Verification of Life Insurance (VOLI) for your records.

The VOLI has all the information you need, including the types of coverage you are enrolled for, the amount of coverage you had as a federal employee before reduction, your post-retirement reduction choices, and the exact amount of coverage you will have after the reductions are complete.

 How to Access Your FEGLI Verification of Life Insurance (VOLI) 

The only place that has the FEGLI life insurance records of federal retirees is the OPM Retirement Office. So you need to log-in to your OPM Retirement Services Online, and get hold your VOLI there.

You can also send an email to [email protected] and ask that your VOLI be emailed to you. Don’t forget to mention your retirement claim number (CSA/CSF) in the email to OPM.

You may also call OPM at 1-888-767-6738 and ask to have your VOLI mailed to you in the post. Again, have your retirement claim number (CSA/CSF) handy when you call.

Current federal employees can contact their agency’s HR office to seek information about your coverage and options. You may also find this information in your most recent Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action. Look at Block 27 on this form, and you will find a 2-character code.

This code represents your current coverage. You can use the FEGLI handbook to find out what coverage your code represents. The FEGLI calculator can then be used to determine value by inputting the coverage amount along with your age, salary and type of coverage.


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