Using side-by-side Comparisons to Choose the Right Insurance Policy? allows you to compare your FEGLI (Federal Employeees Group Life Insurance) policies side by side with other plans to determine your best option.


Options to avoid the increase in FEGLI rates

With this dramatic rise in FEGLI rates, federal employees and particularly retirees or soon-to-be retirees are worried about finding a reasonable and reliable insurance policy to cover all their financial concerns. An easy way to find an all-inclusive coverage package is comparing FEGLI’s coverage options against other options available and then also confirming your findings with a local insurance professionals and FEGLI experts.

Here is a quick look at some of the ways in which comparison can help you explore more insurance options:


1. Explore FEGLI Rates and Alternatives


There is no denying the fact that FEGLI is great for young federal employees. However, as a person reaches about age 45 FEGLI rates begin increasing dramatically and becoming incredibly expensive. FEGLI comparison engines, on the other hand, provide applicants an opportunity to compare their Federal Employees Group Life Insurance with other federal life insurance options, thus providing them an option to explore ways of reducing their costs and freeing up money for retirement. Moreover, a good FEGLI calculator should also offer alternative solutions that can match your current and future financial needs. So if you are covered by FEGLI and would like to maintain this federal life insurance coverage for a number of additional years you should begin to explore your options today. Find what a different federal life insurance company may be able to offer you and consult with a local FEGLI expert who can find a cost effective solution that can suit your needs and ensure the financial security of your family after retirement. can help you to compare you federal life insurance options and connect with your local agent all in one place.

2. Understand FEGLI Pros and Cons

Side-by-side comparison also helps applicants understand the pros and cons of various federal life insurance options. Although FEGLI is recommended for federal and postal workers, your individual coverage needs may vary with a number of factors including number of dependents, income-to-expense ratios and general savings and investments, etc. It is a fact that FEGLI life insurance is  not as beneficial for some people as other federal employee life insurance options administered by local life insurance professionals. Comparing the benefits and considerations of different plans will help applicants make the right decision.

For example; A 45 year old female, non-smoker, in good health may be able to lock in the next 20 years of insurance expense today by switching from FEGLI to a fixed-term policy offered by a CompareFEGLI licensed affiliate.. By locking in her rates, now, her expenses will not rise for the next 20 years and therefore her overall costs for life insurance, over the next 20 years is reduced by nearly 80%. THAT IS A POTENTIAL SAVINGS OF 80%.

Example 2: A 52 year old male, in good health, may be able to reduce his FEGLI expenses immediately by switching from FEGLI to a privately sold policy, lock in his rates (much like Example 1) and also use his immediate savings to buy a Whole Life Policy that never expires – guaranteeing his family a benefit when he dies, regardless of when.
In order to get the benefit of examples like these you will need to work with a company and professional who understands the insurance plans you are choosing from – Both FEGLI and what the private market has to offer.

3. FEGLI – Long-Term Estimations


FEGLI calculators allow you to evaluate the cost of your FEGLI coverage plan for the next 20 to 30 years and help you understand that how much you can save on various policies. This will help you in sorting the options through which you can get maximum deductible cost.
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