Why Wait For FEGLI Open Season?

Why Wait For FEGLI Open Season?

Federal employees often realize after the fact that the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) coverage they opted for as new federal employees was insufficient, and they now need to enhance coverage.

A popular misconception in this regard is that you either have to be a new federal employee or wait for the next FEGLI Open Season to make changes to the FEGLI options you signed up for.

In case you aren’t aware of what it is, the FEGLI Open Season is a rare bird that has only made itself available twice in recent years – in 1999 and 2004. All told, there have only been nine FEGLI Open Season events held since 1954.

During a FEGLI Open Season, federal and USPS employees are able to enroll for FEGLI or change their existing coverage without any need to go through a physical once again or answering any health-related questions.

But there’s no FEGLI Open Season scheduled to be held in the near future, and the OPM clearly states on its website that “FEGLI life insurance open seasons are extremely rare and none are currently scheduled.  Your agency and OPM’s website will announce when there is a life insurance open season coming up.”


Enhancing Federal Life Insurance Coverage Outside a FEGLI Open Season


So how can you enhance your federal life insurance coverage outside of a FEGLI Open Season? That would need a qualifying life event (QLE). This means a life event like marriage, divorce, death of spouse, or acquisition of an eligible child.

If you happen to have undergone one of these experiences, you can now sign up or change your existing FEGLI options, including FEGLI Basic and the three options. This means FEGLI Option A and/or up to five multiples of FEGLI Option B and/or FEGLI Option C.

In order to do this, you need to submit form SF 2817 to your agency’s HR office within 60 days of the QLE. Note that you can reduce or cancel your FEGLI coverage at any time, without waiting for an open season or needing a reason for it. Retirees don’t need to fill in the form. Simply send a signed letter to OPM’s Retirement Office outlining the details of your reduction or cancellation.


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